BID Panel Discussions 2023

The Producer’s View:

Centralised/Cloud Production Centers, why we need them ...

The production of live events for TV is subject to constant change, which originates in financial, personnel and, most recently, environmental requirements. Rights holders, production companies and broadcasters are implementing novel infrastructures based on centralised or cloud production centres or hybrid forms of both. What detailed considerations led to this shift towards centralised/cloud production centres? Representatives from some of the leading companies share their thoughts on this topic.


Tim Achberger, Director Technology & Product Management, Sportcast

Moritz Mücke, Head of Product and Technology, DYN

Peter van Dam, Chief Technical Officer, SSC

Chris Redmond, CEO, Redholt - Moderator

The Service Provider’s and Manufacturer’s View:

Centralised/Cloud Production Centers, how can we meet the demand ...

Customer demand and the shift towards centralised/cloud production centres can only be successful if service providers and manufacturers work closely with rights holders, production companies and broadcasters, harmonising requirements and technical possibilities. How can service providers and manufacturers offer their customers solutions that simultaneously meet their current needs and are sustainable? Representatives of both parties will explain their approaches and solutions. 


Mats Berggren, COO, DMC Norway

Antti Laurila, Chief Stretegy Officer, Broadcast Solutions

Christer Pålsson, President, NEP Europe

Alex Redfern, CTO, EVS

Thomas Riedel, Group CEO, Riedel Communications

Klaus Weber, Grass Valley, Director, Camera PLM

Ronald Meyvisch, OTC (Outspoken Technology Consultant) - Moderator